Fitness Coaching

Hi my name is Takashi. I am a fitness coach and would love to assist you to achieve your health and fitness goals. Although I was a personal trainer before, I am not working with you as a personal trainer who mainly teaches you workout “skills”. As a fitness coach, I assist you to develop your own plan to achieve your fitness goal and help you to stay the course when you have some challenges.

Some people may need a personal trainer and some other need a therapist, but if you are ready to work with a fitness coach, please contact me at


What Do I Offer and Who I Can Assist?

I am offering this service to those who want to start a healthy life style.

  • weight management
  • better health
  • those who have not worked out before
  • those who have not done much working out recently and are out of shape

I am:

  • A fitness coach
  • ACE certified personal trainer
  • CoachU graduate personal coach
  • ACE weight management certified

I am NOT:

  • a personal trainer (currently – though I have an extensive experience as a personal trainer)
  • a physical therapist
  • a psychologist/therapist
  • a nutritionist
  • a medical doctor

I work with:

  • who are currently have a sedentary life style, but would like to change it to a healthy one
  • who want to improve their general health by improving their eating habits and physical activities
  • who want to improve their fitness level

I do NOT work with:

  • those who are looking or hands-on personal training
  • those who have severe health problems which require supervision of medical doctors
  • those who need to go though rehabilitation which requires hands-on help from a physical therapist
  • those who need to improve their athletic performance in competitive sports specific sport coach
  • those who have psychological barriers which prevent them from improving their life style. They need a psychologist’s help

I may work with:

  • who overcame medical problems/finished rehabilitation but still need to improve their general health
  • who seek to improve general athletic performance

How Does Fitness Coaching Work?

At the first session, we talk face to face via Skype, Google chat, Face Time etc to see whether you and I are match. It is very important to have a good rapport with the coach. Although the first impression may not be right, it is a strong one and if you don’t feel comfortable, you tell me so after the session and you should look for another fitness coach.

In this session, you talk about your purposes of working with a coach, ask questions you have about coaching. I also check whether the your goal is achievable under my coaching. If it does not, I will say so and I may recommend another professional to you. This session lasts only 15 minutes or so.

If both sides agree to work together, I will send you some questionnaires to you so that I know exactly where you are now, and what exactly you want to achieve. While answering the questions, you may find these questionnaires helpful to figure out what are the challenges and what are a real goal you want. Answering the questions may take a long time and you need to send it back before the next session; therefore the first real session is usually held a week or two after then first interview session.

Depending on a coach, the length of the session differs. In my case, I limit each session to 30 minutes or less. At the first real session, we discuss the goal you set and process you like to take to achieve the goal. I will ask you many questions to flush out all potential problems of the plan, but you are in charge of everything and you decide what are the best for you. At the end of the session, you decide what you must do till the next session. It could be more thinking of the plan. It could be the first workout, or first healthy food shopping.

Between the sessions, you will submit what were discussed during the session and what were decided and what are the action plan for the week. I may send you more questions and if I have some suggestions, I will send them to you, too.

Usually, you talk with the coach once a week and communicate a few time a week via email during the first month or two. Once everything is going well, the face to face session is held only once a month and most communications are done via email and texting. The texting is done for accountability. For example, if you decide to go to gym Monday, Thursday, and Saturday, I will text you to check whether you actually went to workout. Or you can text me that you actually did workout. If you miss, for example, Thursday workout, you may send me a text saying that you will go to gym on Sunday instead. Or you may say that you and your children take a long walk on Sunday (which is great). Either way, you are taking responsibility.

Some clients can go her/his own after short three month period. Some other may take six months or bit longer. The purpose of the coaching is that the client can take care his or her action without the coach after a while. Of course, you can come back to coaching when a new challenge occurs, but we don’t want you to develop dependency on a coach and like you to develop a skill to take care yourself after a while.


What are the differences between a personal trainer and a fitness coach?

Although there are some ambiguity between these two titles depending on who you ask, a personal trainer is usually a person who works with you and teaches exercise techniques so that you can perform your workout properly. There are some personal trainers who works via internet, but most of them are work with you, either at your home, office, or at a gym.

A fitness coach helps you to pursue your fitness goal by talk with you and uncover possible obstructs and possible solutions. Most works are done by you, not by the fitness coach. The fitness coach does not tell you what you need to do or how you need to do. S/he may suggests some directions, but you are in charge and you need to do all works.

Basically, you work with the personal trainer when you want to develop a new physical skill set. You work with a fitness coach when you want to develop a life plan and follow though the plan.

What are the advantage working with a personal trainer?

Working with a personal trainer is very useful, when you don’t know how to perform certain exercises properly. Many people get information from books and internet, or even from friends, but it is very difficult to perform the exercise, especially weight baring ones, correctly. The personal trainer can teach you how to perform the workout. Since s/he is always with you, you are accountable to her/him and you tend to stick to the workout schedule.

What are the disadvantage working with a personal trainer?

The main disadvantage is a dependency. Some people develop the dependency on the trainer and cannot workout without him/her. Since the trainer gives you what to do, you cannot develop knowledge to schedule or create your own workout.

What are the advantage working with a fitness coach?

Since the fitness coach lets you develop your own path to the healthy life, even if you lose the coach, you can keep going on your own. In fact, after a couple of months of frequent contacts with the fitness coach, you can drop the fitness coach entirely or reduce the contact with her/him to minimum (say once a month instead of a couple of times a week).

What are the disadvantage working with a fitness coach?

If you want to develop workout skills, the fitness coach cannot help you much. S/he can point some references, but cannot work with you to check whether you are doing the exercises correctly. Farther, the fitness coach is not for everyone. The coaching works only when you are ready to do all the work yourself.

When to work with a personal trainer and when to work with a fitness coach?

If you are interesting in to develop certain skill sets, for example, weight bearing training (free weight, kettle balls etc) or running, you need to work with a personal trainer. On the other hand, your goal is to be healthy and you can use skills set you already have (for example walking), you may want to workout with a fitness coach.

Of course you can work with both at the same time, if your budget allows it. Some personal trainer is also a fitness coach, and it could be a good choice for some people. Another choice is to start working with a fitness coach to develop your plan, then work with a personal trainer for a period of time to develop skill sets, then go back to a fitness coach to follow though the plan.

Fee and Other Details

The initial interview session is 15 minutes and free. After that, each session is 30 minutes and $60, which includes email correspondences and text reminder and checking of your progress for a week. I recommend to “meet” online once a week for the first month or two.

After the initial “preparation” period, I recommend to “meet” once a month, but frequent contact via email and texting. For that, the charge is $100 per month. During this period, if you need to talk face to face, each 30 minute session is $45.

After six months or so, I hope that you can “graduate” me and you can handle everything by yourself. However, if you like to keep contact via email with me, the charge is $40 per month assuming that it is not too frequent. If you need daily email correspondence, probably you are not ready to go independent; so we need to go back a weekly face to face meeting (but I hope not!)

Any Questions?

If you have any questions about a fitness coaching, please send email to: